tmbt: cosmic order

unbudaThe most beautiful thing I heard yesterday was a quote from an Argentinean film called Un Buda as translated to me by a dear friend.  In this scene of the film, written and directed by Diego Rafecus, we find a number of long and newly-devoted Zen Buddhists engaging the “master” during a question and answer period. Learn more about this and other beautiful films at Zazen Producciones.

The student asks:
When one makes a decision, how can they know they are following the cosmic order of things?

The master answers:
Following the cosmic order does not matter: the cosmic order follows you. Human beings must fulfill divinity; he or she must become god in order to survive. We must BE the change we want to see, and when we act this way, the cosmic order fulfills itself.

It needs no extra commentary and is just so beautifully said and written.
Beautiful. Thing. Most.

~ by HeatherArtLife on December 12, 2008.

One Response to “tmbt: cosmic order”

  1. yes. strong and true. zen have so many precious flowers to give us. made me want to watch the film. thanks

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