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There was a time when I was vegan. Twice. It was wonderful. I had done some cleanses and was off dairy and meat, and it felt amazing… for a little while. Then, the fatigue and brain haze would set in and I’d be craving red meat like crazy. Now, I know that being vegan takes some creativity and real focus on nutrition. However, I find that I thrive on traditional foods and nutrient-dense meats, eggs and dairy – like grass-fed cow’s butter. My daughter is a huge fan of butter, so much so that it is a favorite treat to sneak off of the table when we’re getting set for dinner. I find finger scoops out of the butter all the time.

One way that butter has been blessing my life lately is by slowing down the caffeine absorption of my coffee. Blending high grade coffee (french press) with unsalted grassfed butter makes for a smooth, delicious and thick creamy coffee drink. I also like to add collagen hydrolysate (a highly absorbable high-protein gelatin compound) and a bit of date sugar and pure vanilla extract. It is AMAZING. I get a huge boost of protein, healthy fat and energizing caffeine. It is a brilliant breakfast.

So, buttering up (on my homemade gluten-free bread or in my buttered coffee), is my nervous system stabilizer of choice.

~ by HeatherArtLife on August 22, 2016.

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