the most beautiful thing: tumbled wet reminder

sand prose poetry

It washes along picking up so much along the way. It washes along, this ocean. From the high ups, so very high, collecting black mountains to bring to the hills. It washes along down to us, little pieces, sweet bubbling rushes, tender knocking, chipping, loving away into this. It washes quicker than you think, up there and down here, tumbling, mixing, chipping, loving into this. right. here.

I sit and listen to what it is, same as what it was before the clouds carried it higher, dropped it down in a collecting softness, melted, swam inside itself all the way back to the coast bringing little bits of sparkling colors to tredge through on our way to and fro sunset viewing. The roar of the great equalizer lulls me, lulls us both, us four and I play quietly with the most beautiful evidence of time’s ever-present wish to remind us that we are so small, big together, beautiful and came such a very long way: the soft sand of the central Chile coast.


Image found and available as wallpaper here.

~ by HeatherArtLife on February 5, 2013.

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