tmbt: soul blossom


There are so many things to call it, that thing which resides and dwells within us, flitty fleet and flies around at night (some say), and goes softly on its way when this round of earthly breathing subsides. Yours was hovering, watching, choosing wisely I believe, for what you needed to brush up against, love more, be seen by. It came and sat sweeting in my womb, it tumbles gently through celestial layers, landing, eyes open in the morning. It will come and go like the clouds, like the gulls until you are about seven is what some say. Then, it will be here humming ever-more, opening, reaching, swimming, dancing (ooooh, the dancing!) you into worlds unseen, unfelt, unheard right here in your darling human body.

So much unfolding, so much life being lived, to come, to pass, to lighten our days. What a dear privilege that it is me who gets to watch so closely your most beautiful soul blossom.



Photo via Cottage Garden Threads 

~ by HeatherArtLife on January 21, 2013.

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