tmbt: starry moment

Last night, I walked out of the office at the exact perfect moment. I had been anticipating twilight all day. This was the day that Venus-Jupiter-Moon conjunct was at its peak. Just before shutting down my computer I took a look out my north-facing office windows and caught sight of a gorgeous deep blue sky spread lovingly with very deep pink clouds, all deepening and darkening rapidly. I slid out the door and reached my car just in time to look back towards the southwestern sky to see them.

venusjupiter1And there they were skimmed lightly by a fresh bank of dusted-pink clouds. Venus sat at the bottom of the triangle with Jupiter up to her right and the crescent moon hovering up to her left. The clouds skimmed between Venus and Jupiter and just under the moon, but all shown so magnificently. It was so very beautiful. Then, as the sky darkened and the clouds lost their shimmer, the three mingled in strong strong light. It filled me with delight.

As you may have noticed in my post from November 18 here, I liken Venus and Jupiter to two long-lost lovers reunited in the sky under the blessing of the moon.  Alas, this conjunction marks a strong and deeply longed for reunion of my own. And so, I’ve watched them inch closer and closer to each other so that them may be in ear-shot, so that their arms may simply reach hands over to caress cheeks, so that rolling over in the morning, it is their eyes that meet.

Sometimes we are worlds away from what we most desire. Sometimes the time it will take spans light years. But sometimes… sometimes it is not so far and not so long as we think. If Venus and Jupiter can stretch across the sky, pull themselves together, and watch the world spin by, then I think just about anything can happen. And you know what? It does. It does every day… and it may not be easy, but it is always beautiful.

Photo by: Sally J. Smith of Green Spirit Arts.

~ by HeatherArtLife on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “tmbt: starry moment”

  1. I also noticed this last night. It was beautiful here too.

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