tmbt: venus and jupiter

There they were, glorious and bright in the southwestern sky. Venus. Jupiter. Venus. Jupiter. Like two long-lost lovers, they shown brightly in their stretch. It was awesome to behold before they went to sleep, Orion pulling up on the other side of the sky to shield them from onlookers, if only via distraction.

Venus, she is an ornamented on, sending out feelers in all directions, waving red, blue, purple, yellow silks in a display rivaling the most ornate Tibetan Dakini dancers. She is the ruler of love and attraction and she knows what she wants, even if what she wants changes from orbit to orbit. Right now, she has her eyes set on Jupiter, his lovely rings and moons, and the nesting place they’ll find in the shadow of the moon.

Jupiter, he is ever-strong, large, and ox-like in his being. With talents of moons and wisdoms of rings about him, he hums hovering, moving when it is time to move, basking in the rest. He is honorable and expansive, holding all, seeking knowledge and holding true to the deep knowing that there is a broader purpose. He is a social character and the light of Venus has him in full pull, as well.


It has been a long time coming, this one. And tonight, as I stepped out of the office and moved towards my car, I was struck by the beauty of them both seemingly still, but moving closer and closer over the nights. It was as if I could feel them straining to be together… Venus dancing and smiling vividly, Jupiter watching and waiting, in love but weighted by his charges. Make room for this great love, he will, with the help of the Moon. The Moon, she is making a place for them and come this time in two weeks, they will all sit happily in each other’s presence. For now, the dancing and smiling continues in anticipation. The pull is tremendous between these two destined lovers.

What joys fill the sky! What love. What splendor. What tremendous beauty.

A note from the stargazers:

December 1, 2008 – Venus and Jupiter – This conjunction of Venus and Jupiter won’t be as close as the one in the morning hours that happened earlier in the year, but it will be much easier to see. The two planets will be two degrees apart and they don’t set until three hours after sunset. As a bonus, a 15%-lit moon will lie three degrees away from Venus. Venus will be shining at magnitude -4.14 and Jupiter will be -2.03, a spectacular grouping. All three will lie within the borders of Sagittarius.

Here’s a small excerpt from another great article on the conjuction at EarthSky.

…It’s as if they cross the same line of longitude in the sky and – for a brief time – beam north and south of one another on the sky’s dome. A conjunction of the two brightest planets won’t happen again until March of 2012. During this particular Venus and Jupiter conjunction, these two brilliant worlds appear 2 degrees apart. That’s about the width of your finger at an arm length away…

Photo by Bossco

~ by HeatherArtLife on November 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “tmbt: venus and jupiter”

  1. Beautiful shot !! I just wrote of this on my site .

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’m so glad you like this image. It is taken from the EarthSky site mentioned above, but I inadvertently neglected to include an image credit which goes to bossco at

    Happy sky watching!
    xo Heather

  3. […] you may have noticed in my post from November 18 here, I liken Venus and Jupiter to two long-lost lovers reunited in the sky under the blessing of the […]

  4. Recently The Jupiter seems very bright and big – A nice Hydrogen planet – Nice shot – Dr.KSR Prasad

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