tmbt: hope signal

My mom went into the hospital yesterday after a series of what were likely heart attacks. She was also diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease. My mother, a very hard-working woman, has had a lot of smaller but serious health concerns the last few years. Now, that she’s gotten this big news, her life will have to change. She’ll have to take care of herself better then ever, eat better, stop smoking… finally stop smoking. It’s hard to have something this big happen so suddenly, but today I’ve been thinking…

It’s a warning. A signal. A signal that life is full of dominoes that just keep falling until we pick one up and stop the train wreck from happening. Until we pick up and move over into a new groove. Every chance we get this life to snap out of the haze, the cloud, the denial, is a cue. Cue chances. Cue love. Cue hope. 

Hope. Hope is not folly. Hope is an energizing force that can get us – get my mom – moving in a new direction. A new direction requires a cleaner view. The cleaner the view, the more beauty to be seen.

Things have not always been good between me and my mother. But the worry, and fear of this episode pulled off a little layer of resignation from my heart to reveal hope. Cue the uncovering. Cue the windshield wipers. Cue the hope. Hope that she may live a longer, happier life. Hope that I may just love her as my mother and let everything else move to the side. Hope that we can be a family regardless of all that has happened over the years.

I don’t wish hardship on anyone. But when it happens, thank goodness for the gift it straps on its back for us. A little gift of flags and banners pointing to the beauty right here for the tasting. The beauty that dances with hope.

~ by HeatherArtLife on October 11, 2008.

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