the most beautiful thing: birds

A few months ago, I had a esoteric experience during a massage session that involved the sense of birds, white doves to be exact, in my chest cavity. As Elizabeth worked on me, it was as if the doves were roosting and cooing right there under my right ribs and within my right breast – just a little nest of soft prayers. Then as she worked on my diaphragm (a little crampy and stuck to my right ribs) they stirred and took flight. This energy of love roosting and love flying out in to the world was very strong and I was filled with joy and lightness, love and hope.

A few days ago, another white bird uncovered itself, only this time in my throat on her way up from my heart to flit out my mouth with words of love for the one lying next to me. I swallowed. It isn’t time. The birds, they want so much to feel the sky under and above them, to close their eyes and spin through the air. But it was raining. It was raining and I calmed this little girl bird back into my heart promising flight another day when the sky and the sun and the little human girl are really ready.

She is beautiful, this bird. May we all, the three, be ready sooner than later.

~ by HeatherArtLife on August 19, 2008.

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