the most beautiful thing: your new home, too

Lonely Dog Photo, Nicolas Leroy

You were the one who surprised me from your box bed under the house near the sand above the waves, and whom I surprised in kind. Did you know that in your search for a simple hiding sleeping bedding place, you would find a new home? Did you know? Simple wishes can carry you to the most elaborate dreams come true?

You are the one they called mangera, I call flaco, they all called ugly. You with the strange transfixed eyes waiting to ask or to run, never knowing which was next or needed. Did you know your wag would return, your steps would become so playful? Did you know that little piece of carpet would be yours for so long and longer when you first dared to claim it for just one night, just one night more, and one more still? Now, how long has it been? Two months? A lifetime?

You are the one who is here in the morning, sleeps softly at night, follows our beloved to and fro and can rest now, rest, and play now, play. You are the one with a person to call your own now, one who told me you belong here now, my heart softening at such kindness. Did you know that we would love you? Did you see a different kindness in us? Did you remember that people could be generous to even an unknown vagabond with crazy eyes and uncertain steps? Do you know that in your rekindled joy and fed appetite, you have also given us joy and that yes, in fact, we do love you?

You will be the one that joins us in our settling, long after we assume we have already settled right down. You will meet fresh and new the life growing inside me, too. You will remember because we will remind you that there is food, and peace, and beach walks, and cuddles to be had here, and you will keep relaxing your vigilance. We will do these things together here, because this is your new home, too.


Photo by Nicolas Leroy.

~ by HeatherArtLife on May 3, 2012.

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