the most beautiful timeless breaks of light

Nowhere and a million little pieces stretching everywhere all at once. Time lost to the space between the seats and the underside of maple leaves. Even the noise of it all scattered like so many thoughts in the face of death and it was death I felt, free and clear, again and again.

The bouncing remembering of where I am going and where I have already been stays between the dotted lines, the bright red flashing lights behind us. The exit is certainly to come and for now there is the view and the obliterated view of it all.

Lost in the flash of something here long before the thought of any of us by our parents or even a god. Found in the shadow of the awestruck. Kept secret even now as it is told.

Because nothing can describe in truth the weightless wonder of those flashes of sunlight intermittently breaking through the trees and flooding my eyes on the way home on the elementary school bus.


Photo found at Melly’s blog Existential Detective.

~ by HeatherArtLife on February 2, 2012.

One Response to “the most beautiful timeless breaks of light”

  1. A beautiful reminder to see the beauty within which sees the beauty without.

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