tmbt: views to the edge of the galaxy

We could see the other two, hovering wobbly, looming bigger than our moon and we wondered where the sun should be if not here. And the earth turned and all the rest came into view, aligned and sweet in the dim light air. Huge and colorful in their muted globular tones of red, blue, green, grey, light unnecessary, thoughts unfound. And we could see it all stretched out next to us like we were laying together in the grass.

Then the meteor fell into the mountain and the trees tumbled down the side with it. We dodged the other treasure hunters, bountying for meteoric gold, and found wonders turned to ornaments turned to simple mistaken debri. We wanted a piece of the heavens when the heavens were reaching out for a piece of us.

Last night I dreamed the whole solar system lit up at midnight and cuddled up close to ring in a new era. I dreamed of music and men, planets and falling lights, and I dreamed of a big round belly filled with sweet songs and lights of its own. I dreamed the most beautiful things…

~ by HeatherArtLife on January 11, 2012.

One Response to “tmbt: views to the edge of the galaxy”

  1. Somehow I feel hope for a new era of light.

    May your dream foretell a new world for all of us.

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