tmbt: ending world right here right now

He said, “Yeah, but the world is going to end, so…”

“Right!” I smiled back.

And it didn’t matter whether it was true or not because in that moment I remembered again that the moment itself is all I have and with a simple breath I was light complete and I was clear, open intelligence beaming into a future unknown and a past irrelevant. And the world as I knew it with a knitted brown and anxious heart had ended, completely, right there, right then.

And I remember and breath a simple breath and the beautiful world ends again right here right now in a most beautiful ball of light that is the flood of spring sun from the window, is the light from the screen, is the reflection of dim pink sheets, is the translucency of my own thin-skinned hands, is the brilliance of an uncountable zillions of cells in my own body that are no different from your most beautiful own.


Photos by Sue Fraser.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “tmbt: ending world right here right now”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Magic Girl,
    wherever you may be.

  2. Hello again Magic Girl,

    If you are still around… I decided to resurrect my old WordPress page.

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