the most beautiful thing: breaking wave rainbows

We climbed. Above the worry, above the chill, above the houses all around. We got our hands dirty with eucalyptus juice, felt a new breeze on our faces, and watched the sea below in all its newly-sunned glory. We saw more, talked less, and marveled. I’d never seen the rainbows behind the breaking waves before. But the light was just so and you pointed just so and I burst out in a giggle and squeezed your hand every time a new one arced out behind a wave. And we made our way back down the road past all we’d surpassed and landed for a while on a little plot of land that could be more, full and sweet as it already was. I remember your smile that day, your sparkling eyes, your warm warm hand, and those beautiful flashes of rainbow and I am blessed with this.



Photo by Gregory Jordan.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “the most beautiful thing: breaking wave rainbows”

  1. Great post and lovely rainbow.

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