tmbt: now I know what’s under that kiss

I never knew I didn’t know. I didn’t realize that watching these moments brought on a haze of sweet romantic appreciation and childlike wonder. I didn’t see that I couldn’t see the more that was under it, the joy and passion and appreciation and world-wrapping love that could be under a kiss like that. I didn’t know what it was to be held skin and eyes and heart and bone by a kiss sweet or sweaty. I never knew how to have my memory jogged so intimately, so personally by the image of something that maybe, almost shows me what it must look like when it is me. Me with you. Or any man that would have moved me as you do, who might have cared me so deeply into the earth, so sweetly into a bright sky. “Any man” was never any other man, so I never knew what I didn’t know. That kisses like that are the stuff of dreams, maybe, but really they are the stuff of life lived fully in the arms and heart of another, and he in yours. It is breathtaking, truly. I thought I had loved before, but I never really knew. And I thought I had been loved, I think, I thought, I hoped, but was right to suspect a missed mark. I thought I had been given and maybe lost what was my torrent of mirror and blood and mind and moments, but I knew nothing. And so, I never really knew what was under all those kisses I saw. All those kisses I heard pray-tell. All those kisses. All those kisses I never knew.

But now I do.

The Kiss. But by who? Comment if you find the credit, thanks!

UPDATE 3.4.12: Photographer found! Thank you Juliana Coutinho – love your creativity!

~ by HeatherArtLife on April 19, 2011.

13 Responses to “tmbt: now I know what’s under that kiss”

  1. As always, your words are breathtaking, and beautiful. You have a knack for taking a tiny moment and wrapping a lifetime of emotion into such a tiny package. I don’t know who kissed you so thoroughly, but he was clearly a lucky, lucky man. Love and hugs.

  2. LOL!

    I got a good laugh out of that wonderful picture.

    Your writing as always is brilliant. Makes me long for such a kiss. Thanks for coming back.


  3. You’re the inspiraaaaaaaaatiooooooooon!

  4. I enjoyed the picture of the kiss.

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  7. It’s mine! =D
    I liked the post!

  8. hahaha funny lol

  9. Nice wall

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