tmbt: rainbows reflected

There are colors everywhere and I raise my hand to be lost in them. I smell deeply the scent of the papaya, the scent of the nectarine, the scent of your smile. And there is light here dancing off of la frutillas y frambozas, light dancing and spinning its way across choclo y albahaca and onto your face, and I feel mine lit from the sight of it all, and every last word.

There is a mirror here, pushing the light back out, refracting and moving the spectrum from present to past and back again and there is nothing short of love inside every color. I see you and am seen and my skin leans in for the touch of it all, every last sweetness, my doubts shattered into a million rainbows across the darkened wall.

Where the light lands is for anyone to know, or not, or see, or not, depending on where your feet place you, and mine me. But tonight as I breathed in the spray from the fountain, a thousand little lights on water in air illuminating faces new and newer, I thought of how simple and sweet and open life is, and how many colors sing and touch and dance and play in and out of reach. And how fortunate I am to be sitting in the rays of such a wonderful display of rainbows reflected here, and in the moments, and in your eyes.

This gorgeous photo is by Calette Coulter.

~ by HeatherArtLife on January 25, 2011.

One Response to “tmbt: rainbows reflected”

  1. Hey, I was just talking about how a cluster of dew drops resembles a gravitational lens on Jan 13.

    If you were psychic that would sure explain a few things.

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