tmbt: benevolent face of the moon

I gaze up at the moon from the terrace as I am coming out of a sweet gentle meditating breath. And I notice her anew. Her face, a man’s as is often captured in the phrase “man in the moon”, is the gentle face of feminine benevolence and I soften more deeply under her gaze back at me.

I think to myself how easy it is to see her face and am reminded of my yogic teaching that the world reflects ourselves back to us. And so, we see ourselves in all things, big like the moon, her craters easy to imagine as likeness, and small as the passing judgement of strangers passing by, passing their own reflections every where they look. For me, this is translated into the philosophy that how I see the world is also how I see myself.

More and more, I see such beauty in the world, such love, such benevolence force. Less and less, I see qualities I fear or hate or must ignore. As I sit quietly in the face of her, the face of these thoughts, I like to myself that if the world I see around me is a reflection of myself, of my own mind, of my own feelings for myself, that more and more I must be falling in love with myself. And I know it is true. And it is so welcome. So many years lost to the upheavals and degradation of self-hatred and shame. Over the crest of what may be the walking away from such internal destruction, I am relieved and joyed at the potential of change.

And as the moon wanes from her recent fullness, changing in the light of the sun again and again all these millennia, I see her and the benevolent face of the moon is the most beautiful thing, and it is also mine.

I rise in bliss, fry a perfect egg, broken yoke and all, and sit down to write.

~ Heather

Photo: AP as found on the Pictures of the World Forum.

~ by HeatherArtLife on January 20, 2011.

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