tmbt: easy flying bird, up yours

girl bird flip middle finger

There were a lot of beautiful moments in my day yesterday. I was interviewed for a sensitive work-related issue by a very no-nonsense, caring and seasoned HR professional. She was beautiful.

I had a cool lunch with my dearest most incredibly gorgeously pregnant friend. BEAUTIFUL!

I took a five hour midday nap (mostly due to the aforementioned interview and a few sleepless nights leading up to it). Yummy beaut.

I wrote a whole new song and piano parts for this new song in my post-nap personal cuddle-zone. If not the song, the experience was, yes beautious.

I saw an incredible sky holding the view of the sun in arms of fuchsia, hyacinth and orange. Grand. Beautifulfulful.

But I simply have to say that one of the most beautiful moments of my day happened in the car between that interview and the lunch date. As I was patiently waiting for a pedestrian to finish his stroll across the right lane I was about to turn into, the car behind me honked wildly as if to say, “Hey lady, just f-in run the j-ass over, would you!?” It was a solid display of gentlemanly force, if I’ve ever had one thrown at me mid-traffic, I’ll say. I made my little right turn, glanced in his direction as he revved past glaring at me, and threw my whole arm out the window led by my precious little bird of a middle finger. No adrenalin, no fuss. Just “up yours” you bully and on with my day.

It was simple. Bully me, get a quick response: bird. I didn’t cringe, apologize, or think twice – just flipped the flier and kept going. And in my life, began in the small, meek-installing (in and of themselves bullying) communities of the mid-west, that is a most beautiful (new) thing.

Appalling after-note: My friend was not so lucky. She did the same thing (funny coincidence) on the way to lunch and the ass truck driver barreling up her rear with horn blaring actually pulled over and ran into the parking lot to yell at her for defending herself with the gesture. Uh, I think that’s illegal mister, but regardless, it’s definitely disgusting. Shame on you, truck heathen guy. Power to the flippers!

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “tmbt: easy flying bird, up yours”

  1. One of the most amazing pictures I have seen expressing emotions from two ends of the spectrum. I have had this as my desktop pic for months. Any idea who took it?

    • Hey Joe! Agreed! Love this one… I couldn’t find a photo credit anywhere, unfortunately. But what a treasure, eh?? Thanks for reading and for commenting… xo

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