tmbt: part for parcel

The aged faces haloed in gray with eyes remembering decades of moments together. And me, the young one hoping my dear ones are around me this way when I am golden.

The sweet brown horse with siamese black points, a cousin of Olive the cat and gentle with affections over the fence.

The impromptu dance party for two with his kindred spirit, new light tressel and deep house trance magic swimming in and around.

The view from below the sunroof and the air rushing in from above as low gears max torque around corners and questions.

Billowing purples black no-light-left clouds sighing themselves from the release of an unearthly sunset just moments, it seems, before.

Heat lightening illuminating the would-be anonymous bundles out to the east, then an incident turn of the head just before heaven’s sword connected sky and metallic earth, a bolt of lighting a few of us saw together, I am sure.

Taking the long way home by creating a long way out and back just for the sheer join of the air and the trance music sent me by a blessed local radio dj and the aching face of smiling so very much.

Arriving to this giant sleeping moth on the doorjam and the fur of aforementioned cat in my face, offering up evidence of a day spent rolling in grass and dirt, lying in sun, and loving simply in blissful awareness and spontaneous arising, not knowing there is another way to be.

These were the most beautiful things I experienced this evening, so beautiful in itself, the parcel holding parts to its chest.

Image of hand-made marble found at Marbles Galore.

~ by HeatherArtLife on June 5, 2010.

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