tmbt: simple things well lived

I know what a wasted life is. It is a life filled with days rushing from there to here and back again with steps, with thoughts. So many thoughts. A wasted life is one of planning and remembering, but mostly planning. A wasted life is not the life that does not reach the heights of towering hopes or the stages of our imagined triumphs, be them of wealth, fame or a family trailing sweetly behind like little ducks. It is a life that wastes the life itself, the moments waking and sleeping, breathing. A wasted life is marked by shallow breathing. A wasted life is marked by dreams cut off by strange alarms. A wasted life is not the life well lived… one of deep breathing in cool moist nights, simply walks through century-old trees, and listening to something under the surface.

The last fews days, I’ve taken all the time in the world to watch and walk and rest. I didn’t wonder too much about the future and I didn’t make many plans for the days after those. And I thought to myself that it is a buoyant heart and easy breathing that are the true proof of life well lived.  Maybe it is the simple things after all.

Photo by Zhenya Semikhodski via Flickr.

~ by HeatherArtLife on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “tmbt: simple things well lived”

  1. Amidst busy working hours, to read something earthy like this is pleasant, indeed. Nice words!

  2. beautiful!

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