tmbt: flaunting flawed toes

It’s not often that I write pieces about physical oddities or deformities – okay, never – but today, I saw the most beautiful thing! I glanced down at the flip-flop clad feet in the ladies room stall next to me and noticed 1. the pink polish and 2. what I realized after a few blinks were some missing toes then 3. after a few more blinks were some webbed toes. That woman simply had a really odd pair of small feet. There were no visible scars, so I ruled out accident/frost bite (especially because of the webbing). She even had a little barely-there toe on one of the feet. It really stopped me in my tracks.

Now, this wasn’t beautiful because it was fetish-worthy, or because it was (as I assume by finding nothing like it anywhere online via Google) rare.

The beauty is this: the woman not only had the nails of her toes painted a sweet shade of hot pink, but she was wearing flip flops. She was wearing flip flops in the work place (casual Friday in Boulder sometimes accepts this). She loved up her little feet with color and didn’t cover them up. She was just having the feet she has, odd toes and all, and going about wearing her preferred footwear.

So, here’s the added beauty: the next time I want to wear a sleeveless shirt and second-guess myself because I’m not a fan of my own upper arms – I’m going to remember those painted toes in the ladies room.

~ by HeatherArtLife on April 16, 2010.

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