the most beautiful thing: trees swaying you

The most beautiful thing I saw yesterday was the tips of the tree’s highest branchest swaying so slightly, so simply, effortlessly they beat out the rhythm of heart and blood from that heart to the ends of veins unseen.

They sifted gingerly through memories carried on the breeze baked by moving sunlight sent by stronger winds somewhere south and maybe just slightly east. They caught sight with their little nobby ends of the breath rising into a salty late night air sitting over sand under moon inside you. They felt just then your chest rise and fall and fall a little further and they caught the sound the sparkle of your eyes makes in the night.

The most beautiful thing I saw was the trees swaying you all the way from here.

On a long road, we are just trees
Waving in a wind storm…

Then it passes
Just like lightning
Then it’s over
We don’t remember nothin’

Bury me in the garden
Bury me in the garden
So I can feed you
Bury me in the garden…

And there’s too many streets and avenues from me to you…

~ Gregory Alan Isakov from Garden off of Songs for October

~ by HeatherArtLife on April 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “the most beautiful thing: trees swaying you”

  1. beautiful

  2. I love your photo which came up on google images when I asked for “sky and trees”. I now have been turned on to the poem as well. Iwant to post it on #sky sunday on Google +, hope that’s ok.

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