tmbt: wishes and all

She says to be go towards happy. Go towards that feeling in the middle, right down in my middle, that hums a little tune of maybe later, definitely now, obviously sunshine, sweetly tuned and ready. Go towards the wishes that are simple like warm sock, new flannel sheet, Saturday morning pancake, my favorite songs all in a row. Go towards the silk ribbons of a warm shower, the beauty of a sticky rubber mat, the stillness of not being the one to come up with the ideas to fix it all in that quiet quiet executive meeting.

Go towards happy she says. And today, the shifting of my nose away from the away from eminent disaster and towards the towards joy in the middle of me stroked by the outer of me and placed right here in the time of me is the most beautiful thing a girl like me could wish for.

Image of project by Nichole Heady.

~ by HeatherArtLife on December 5, 2009.

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