tmbt: michigan snow

The children: carrying around snowman heads. The flakes: big and round and wet and plentiful all day. The sky: gray and socking us in. The sleeping in: long, then longer still. The winter: pure Michigan. In Boulder. In October.

The most beautiful thing I saw today was a moment of low-hanging cloud rising for the norther Boulder foothills in a way that made it look as if the snow sitting there had simply levitated to build a bridge to the gray that luckily, unlike in Michigan, will not last for the next five to six months. It was a moment inside a day of cuddling up and hunkering down, waking then snoozing then waking then sorting through dreams. And the low-hanging shelf-like clouds stopped my mind in just such a way that I smiled and remembered this whole thing is so odd. To be alive. To be sunny one day and pushed down with the weather system the next. So odd. And sometimes, so beautiful.

Snow child photo by Aiddy.

~ by HeatherArtLife on October 25, 2009.

One Response to “tmbt: michigan snow”

  1. I envy you having four season. It seems to breath life into one.

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