the most beautiful thing: choosing life

There are some things I know about myself without a doubt. I know that the most important thing in my life is to love as deeply as I can. I know that though my job takes up most of my time, the ones I love take up most of my heart. I know that at the end of my life I want most to know I loved people well. And I want to know that I was inviting to as many opportunities to stretch that love muscle of mine into depths I probably still have no clue of.

I know that the sky is fascinating to me each and every single day (and night). It’s been that way since I was a child. The way things arise in the sky out of nothing, folding into themselves slowly or suddenly, then simple sift away and disappear without warning. Especially here, in the foothills of the Rockies, I see impermanence played out before me in the sky like no other place I’ve been.
And sitting here, today in this skin with these sweet people around also trying their darndest – well, it is also like sitting in the sky. I love these clouds, I love these clear patches, and I love these darkness pricked with luminaries. And for the last 24 hours I thought we might all be welcoming another small luminary into our world. We aren’t just yet, it turns out, but thinking and wondering about how a child in our close-knit constellation would effect us all had me spun into a million directions of gladness and fear. Admittedly, mostly fear.

And tonight, my dear friend sat across from me said, “But you know, we never know what is around the corner. Life can change so fast.” So who are we to be so upheaved and fretful about the inevitable change? Because it will. And we, if we pull the wisdom from under our footbeds – where we stow it at times in the ground’s safe keeping –  if we pull that up with all our might and put it on like some grand blue Colorado sky spread across our fronts and backs, maybe just maybe in the face of every disaster that might be we can still choose love. Choose beauty. Choose life. That, my friends, really is the most beautiful thing.

Photograph by John Leslie/Alamy at National Geographic.

~ by HeatherArtLife on August 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “the most beautiful thing: choosing life”

  1. Yes, Love is certainly beautiful.

  2. Very beautiful & inspirational. Working in mental health there is often a barrier to “choosing life” for clients who are working with significant issues. And, it goes beyond just suicide or living but goes to something more subtle: how to choose life and liveliness against fear and remaining stuck in old ways. Thanks for reminding me of the goodness of choosing life and the heartbreaking beauty of it as well.

  3. thank you

  4. Your words are an inspiration and uplifting to us all. Thank you.

  5. This is very beautiful sky.
    We don’t have such kind of cloud in Japan.
    Thank you for sharing.


  6. Phenominal I wish I could See this IN person Its breathtaking make life seem So what For a purpose To not give up On Hope Nizhoon’a :)♥

  7. hello,you maybe you won`t believe me,but i see such sky every julies evening,here in Latvia.And about you have written,do we need take part in life or we can just stand a side and watch it with all its disasters and beauty? personaly for me, observers role is the best way to live.

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