the most beautiful thing: felt sense

I got excited about crafting today. I got excited about making things with my hands again. I got excited about doing something with the textiles I love to touch. When I was ten, I got sent to an art summer camp. On my application, I wrote that I wanted to be in the “So You Wanna Be A Star?” section – the acting camp. I remember we chose two and I think the second was a comic drawing class. Well, my mom wrote in my recommendation letter than I had a tendency to make elaborate art projects out of things lying around the house. So, in their infinite wisdom (and probably facing an onslaught of preferences for the acting section) the camp administrators put me in the puppet building workshop. What a joy! I still remember how wonderful and effortless it was to construct elaborate marionettes and stick-armed puppets out of the piles and piles of scraps laid out before us. I wish I still had some of those puppets I made. Well, I’m on my way to making more!

And today, in my still-recouping ramblings through cyberspace, I uncovered a most most beautiful artist site. You see, my newest passion is for felt. And this Italian design site PezziUnici got my blood pumping in so many ways. Just look at the gorgeousity there (as captured in the above pic). I must say, also, that part of my sudden urge to create came in part due to watching The Science of Sleep. I love how creative Stephane is and all the magic that comes about in his creations. It reminded me of being a kid and creating things with whatever was around me. It’s time to get back there, to there most beautiful world. 

The Science of Sleep

~ by HeatherArtLife on July 6, 2009.

One Response to “the most beautiful thing: felt sense”

  1. the science of sleep came in the mail today. i can’t wait to watch it!

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