the most beautiful thing: poem

and now…

and your asking told me you were ready
and the rain fell for us every time
and your hands shook with nervousness
and I forgave you my hurt feelings for the sweet shine in your eyes
and you kissed me tentatively and apologized for everything
and you wished me smiles
and you kissed my head over peas and over again
and you kissed me fervently in the winds
and you loved the smell of my hair
and I suddenly noticed pink roses everywhere
and I wanted you to dance with me in the rain, but you wouldn’t
and you said if I could just hang in there
and I waited for your heart to melt
and I waited to sing that song to you if you’d asked
and I waited for my own senses to pull me toward them
and then Telluride broke my heart, and so did Tuesday
and then there was just missing something that maybe never was there

and now we just have a pile of stumbles and maybes… but mostly no’s…

and we were probably better left friends at that bar after the blizzard laughing in a way that reminded me so much of home… 

 ~ H.M. Philipp
June 25, 2009

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~ by HeatherArtLife on June 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “the most beautiful thing: poem”

  1. yes, not only it is better to finish things on time, but better yet is when we can carry with us the beauty that is there, a sign, that what ever we thought, was true, maybe just the wrong time.

  2. Poignient.

    Kinda tugs on your heart.

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