tmbt: venus rising with me

This morning, the most beautiful thing that I saw after rising before dawn was a most brilliant celestial body just above the trees where the sun would soon rise. I stirred with it all day, wondering: Jupiter or Venus? Surely, one of them has come back around. And alas, it is Venus.

Last season, she sat swaying so brightly in the mid sky near the moon, Jupiter stretching bravely towards her as if he had the strength to stay. He finely, albeit slowly, dove up and over the mountains, past the plains, and back into the sea, a burial, a returning to darkness.

And then, she too descended to other parts of the sky. And here, in my morning sky, and early-early morning sky seldom seen by these eyes, there she is again. Right there, brighter than before, better for having been left to her own bright devices.

The most beautiful thing I saw today was Venus rising, rising with me.

Venus rising image by Leb

~ by HeatherArtLife on May 7, 2009.

One Response to “tmbt: venus rising with me”

  1. it’s been too long since i wake up befor the sun. great shame.
    thanks for the reminder

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