the most beautiful thing: stardust bodies


It is born again and again, this moment, this collection of cells. This collection of stars, each a collection of the same gases and elements that are the building blocks of our every move. Me are moving. Me are moving stardust, a nebulus dance of rhyme and reason beyond human logic. This stardust, it is known only truly by the heart, a whispered truth heavy as a brick yet elusive as a perfume in a crowd.

When you say you see stars when you gaze into my eyes, it is true. I need not blush nor argue nor even thank you. These stars, they are simply borrowed from a vast and complex love that is life, is sweet surrender, is God. You see stars in my eyes and I see eyes in your stars. And I feel stars in the very core of me. It is a glittering, wonderful tickling sensation that sets me spinning like so many tunnels of astral winds. My inner channels buzz with it, my thoughts dance with it, and my heart beats it into every pore of me: stardust. And I wear jewels and bobbles not to adorn the body I have, but to remind myself in the mirror and the onlookers that it is light that this body holds. The incredible lightness of being incarnate in the sparkle of tears, of wet skin, of teeth revealed in the sun, of diamonds at the ears.

And just as the gases and particles that move together to make themselves more dense and more beautiful for their density, so do we. Just as the very basis, stardust, knows that the fullness of life is felt more and more truly with the union of like particles, so do we know that in full connection with each other we can be more fully here. In the union of my stardust and yours, the light shines brighter, the density thickens, the airs breathes itself into being again and again.

We are cosmic change and this is a cosmic union and this stardust – it is simply the three times arising as one in your arms, in the sky, in these eyes.

Photo by Hubble.

~ by HeatherArtLife on March 2, 2009.

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