the most beautiful thing: godspeed boy


Heavy footsteps under heavy heart breaking through the surface into weightless, bouyant watery flight, you are the angel landed precarious and loving. The godspeed boy. Velvety voice cracking and resounding, mellow and big with contempt for the leashes, joy for the combination code unveiling. Sometimes falling, sometimes doing the catching, sometimes… always sometimes, the way it could be. But never always makes you dangerous like hot poker, crystal goblet pyramid, too-heavy landscape hung above the bed. The godspeed boy.

Lungs heavy with the wanting of air, heart enamored with the hovering body below the surface. Treading as long as we can, breaking for reality. Slow to decide, slow to transition, careful, slow steps. It is the speed of god in the boy that winds up the stairway to heaven to take in cleaner air. It is the speed of god in the boy that carries hope for more, for better, for stronger. It is the speed of god in the boy that is loved most by all and is the beacon shining. You, the godspeed boy. You, the godspeed beautiful boy. You, the godspeed.

Photo by Joanne O’Brien

~ by HeatherArtLife on February 12, 2009.

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