tmbt: baby brother birthday

I had just turned six when my baby brother was born. It was a Friday and Valentine’s day was just around the corner. My parents called him Jason. I had another little brother already – Doug, who was only two years younger than me. But I was enough years older than Jason to sort of understand what was happening and to help. He was beautiful, like a living doll. Right away we all (my brother, sister, and I) called him “cherry cheeks”.

Jason had (and still has) these big, sweet, almost-always red cheeks. His daughter Paige has the same cheeks today. And today, Jason is a head chef with a little house and family, including his second daughter, Bella Rose, living in a quite suburb of Detroit.  And he is happy.

I can’t really say that I know him well, my brother. I suppose the years between us and the way we grew up has given us a little bit of a handicap in that area. But I do know a few things about Jason that make him very special to me aside from the facts of his being my brother. He is honest. He is righteously responsible. He is soft-hearted and hot-tempered. He is smart as a whip (a fabulous card player). He is such a devoted and caring father. And he is content in his life. He towers over me, a big bear-of-a-man at about 6’4″ and is a really, really good hugger.

Today, February 11th is Jason’s 26th birthday. He’s still my baby brother. And today, he is the most beautiful thing.

This photo by Richard Avedon is capturing Caroline Kennedy (3-years-old) kissing her new baby brother, John F. Kennedy in 1961.

~ by HeatherArtLife on February 11, 2009.

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