tmbt: full moon birthday eclipse


I was born on a full moon in Leo while the sun was in Aquarius. Monday, there will be an eclipse of a full moon in Leo while the sun is in Aquarius. I’m expecting it to be a magical day. I’m expecting change. I’m expecting beauty.

I’ll be getting up to drive out east of the city if necessary to see the peak of the eclipse here at 6:38 am MST. 

If you are in the Western U.S., check out this penumbral lunar eclipse where you are and to learn more about the affects of the eclipse, check out articles by these writers:

Tori (Sun Goddess)

Janet Moon

Kathy Lynn Pagano

Image by Ralf Vandebergh as featured in Space Weather’s Lunar Eclipse Gallery.

~ by HeatherArtLife on February 7, 2009.

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