the most beautiful thing: birthday gems

Plodding along up hill and down, the years gather and pick up friends of themselves along the way. Skiptripping around the sun another time, I find things I set down on the roadside long ago. Planets of awakening and love and expansive bliss find me again and fill me with a wholeness I nearly forgot. Dear ones balloongirlcaress my heart and mind and there is endless warmth here. I know now that the northern winds will not freeze me, will not doom me to a life alone, will not rob me of my own radiant heat. On this trip around, I have found so much of what I thought I had lost for good.

And here, on this day marking my birth, it is like the sun is rising again for the first time, a solar return, returning with a retinue of lovers. Have I ever been so blessed? I think not. I confidently say no, except for… well, maybe on the day of birth this day marks – the day they brought me out early to see this light for the first time, the day that started hard, but started it all for better and for worse, the day that time was set into motion for me down here on this little blue diamond with all these beautiful, beautiful gems.

Artwork (c) Amanda Beth Conrad Powell.

~ by HeatherArtLife on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “the most beautiful thing: birthday gems”

  1. So we are brother Aquarians. “form be dammed” “all things must be fluid”. It is the age of Aquarius and we shall be it’s heralds. We too are gems.

    Lately I am suprised how substantial are the moments of love and joy that I experienced. Previously I had thought them fleeting nothings, lost forever. Now we start to see what is what.

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