tmbt: hand catching jupiter

slivermoon cresent moonIt is a slim smile, a delicate bowl, a cupped hand. And above, the ball hangs dropping ever so slowly down, down, down. So slowly it drops, as if suspended. The moon is a crescent hanging low above the Flatirons and I am the lonesome but joy-filled watcher. The game plays out in the sky. The hand cupped carefully, sweetly, waiting with tender anticipation to catch the ball that is Jupiter, a heart glowing brightly in the southern sky. The sweet sliver moon gives me pause, sends me a glittering wind, and its beauty is unsurpassed by anything that existed in my world today… anything but for your smile. These two smiles, two hands catching heart, two shining wonders, they are a most beautiful thing.

Image by NASA found at

~ by HeatherArtLife on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “tmbt: hand catching jupiter”

  1. Correction: Much to my chagrin, the planet I have been seeing so central to the night sky here in Boulder right now is Venus, not Jupiter. But I’ve decided to leave the post as-is. Hope you enjoy it.

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