the most beautiful thing: home in

It was a quiet thing, the beauty of this day. Waking to so much gray in the sky and so much white on the ground and swirling about left me with a longing for extra down comforters and the will to do nothing at all. Today, it felt good to be home. More so, it felt like home. 

I am a serial mover. I get a little itchy in my digs when approaching the one-year lease renewal, sometimes breathing deeply to continue until the next itch, deeper still at about eighteen months. I’m there. And lately, fantasies of getting a dog and having a big kitchen have me perusing the rental listings and checking my budget against my options. But today – today was different.

Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was a recent realization about how much I truly love my life. Maybe it was the last couple of late nights that left me a little lethargic and introspective. Heck, maybe it was even the neighbor and his girlfriend yelling at each other all day on the other side of my southern wall. It harkened back to those parental fights that would all-too-often float up the stairs and into our beds, and for years. Maybe it was this knowing that everything will be okay after all, no matter how it ends up.

That thing, that settled into me thing, it lets me look around and think, “This is good enough.” My smaller than reasonable kitchen: manageable. My crazy neighbor: fine. My lack of a four-legged friend: okay. It’s all good and I suppose in it’s simplicity, that is one of the most beautiful things there is to have. In my life, I get lots of “sparkle”, lots of “wow”. I don’t get a whole lot of “simple”. And the uncommon gift of that simplicity today was a most beautiful thing.

~ by HeatherArtLife on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “the most beautiful thing: home in”

  1. “The simplest things are often the truest.” ~Richard Bach

    your words are simply….beautiful.

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