the most beautiful thing: underwater

The most beautiful thing I saw today was the water from inside it. After a few days of diligent lap swimming, I’ve begun to do a lot more under water. First, I had to learn to keep my head in the water, my face in the water. Then I had to learn and remember to exhale while under the water. Then I realized that I really could open my eyes while I was down in there, that my goggles really do work. And tonight, after the close of a long week and before a long night on the town, I did a few laps. Somewhere in the middle I realized how lovely it was to be gliding through the warm goodness of it, looking out my goggles through a blurred land of watery sky. It is like flying a bit, yes. And when I do have a chance to truly fly again, I hope I remember to open my eyes and take it all in.

~ by HeatherArtLife on January 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “the most beautiful thing: underwater”

  1. water is just amazing phnomen. i never really dived but i can imagion how many beuties being open to the eyes down there.

  2. swimming underwater is a gift, it is a glimpse into another world, it is flying in slow-motion, it is freedom – if only limited by lung capacity. i have swam underwater for ages upon ages. i’ve done laps, i’ve surfed, i’ve let the ocean toss me back and forth and have felt its power – and my comparative weakness and smallness, and have deeply enjoyed all of it. yet, underwater, in a pool, i’ve felt the calm loving blessing of fluidity wrapped around me, like the overwhelmingly complete embrace of a lover, the easy communion with the dearest of friends.

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