tmbt: kindred blog (phillip hill)

In my travels around the bloggosphere, I’ve found some kindred spirits: those that notice beauty and love and grace in lots of everyday things. In fact, there are lots of “most beautiful” posts out there. Here is one of my favorites from a recent online jaunts:

observationcarBlog: Sideways Station
Author: Phillip Hill
Post: The Most Beautiful Thing
Some time ago, I went through a period where it seemed to me that people’s conversation was generally made up of complaints. Or perhaps it was simply me who was complaining. In any case, I decided to make an effort to think of positive things and after a while I began to ask myself what the most beautiful thing I had ever seen was… (post includes a list of the 60 most beautiful things Phillip has seen).

Hill is the author of a collection of poems titled The Observation Car.

~ by HeatherArtLife on December 11, 2008.

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