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As a musician, I am always intrigued by music writers – how they express themselves about likes and dislikes, what they must be experiencing under those words, how they came to listen and comment on that particular piece (other than those obviously paid to do so). I often find music reviews too heady, too exhibitionist, too contained. Rarely does a review drive me to listen to a new artist. Well, I’ve found a music writer that is, indeed, that rarity.

poetricalOn the blog Poetrical Musings, artist and writer J. Miranda has started posting Top Five songs as a way to help people find new music, but also to simply express to all of us the way music moves him and why. As a musician himself (he’s working on his second album, his first solo recording), Miranda has a very keen sense of musical elements, arrangements, and industry context. He’s also a brilliant wordsmith and is not afraid to wear his musician’s heart on the sleeve of his posts.

With Miranda’s writing, you always get a sense of what he feels when listening to a piece and you know that he has no commercial allegiance. His blog is somewhat fledgling and we can tell he writes for the joy of it. As expressed by the title of his blog and by his myriad other prose and editorial writings there on love, longing, and life in the 21st Century, everything Miranda contributes to us is spun in a poetrical web of insight and appreciation.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro of this week’s Poetrical Musings Top Five by J. Miranda:

“Music is an overwhelming thing. Some, sadly, don’t know this. Others experience it only tangentially, when at concerts, they let go. There are those on the other end of the spectrum, who have chosen music as a path, a practice, and have become so immersed in it, she has turned into routine. And then there’s us, those that live somewhere in the middle, lost between the mere observant and the advanced practitioner. We have an interesting advantage: we listen to each note with the complete and longing attention of someone who’s come across something sacred and doesn’t know when, if ever, he’ll find such beauty again…”

The bloggosphere with it’s millions of writers and billions of posts, is such a great place to find beauty. I’m glad I found this gem in the haystack.

~ by HeatherArtLife on December 4, 2008.

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  1. cool!! and love that….

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