most beautiful top ten: singing

Tonight, I played live on the radio with my band, The Boyfriend. It was so fun, nerve-wracking, and wonderful. The sound was much better than the usual live gig, and being in that little studio with the band was like a heated rehearsal. It was so much fun! So, I was just thinking about today’s most beautiful thing and realized that tonight, it is singing. So, here are the top ten most beautiful things I feel about being a singer right now:

mic1. I take my instrument everywhere I go.

2. My thoughts are best expressed out-loud, so I don’t ever go very long without talking about things that need to be talked about (or sung about).

3. My voice changes with the weather, so I have to learn to be patient and flexible.

4. I get to be in the hot seat with the band – a great way to practice humility and expansiveness.

5. I give good phone. Okay, this isn’t really mine, it was said to me when I was a lot younger and it always stuck. Being a singer, I have a sort of sing-y speaking voice that helps me get things done at work a little easier <wink>.

6. Um… okay, men love singers. It’s true. It doesn’t have much to do with my actual voice – they just love singers. Not sure how positive this one is in the long-term, but it’s been a beautiful ride <wink>.

7. Countering the aforementioned plus of always talking about things, singing is actually a nice way to avoid direct conflict in myself when I want to. There is always a song that can be sung around the issue without naming it head-on. A good thing? Not sure about that, but it’s a beautiful excuse to table difficulties once in a while.

8. I understand what they are going through. When I’m at a concert, I can deeply empathize with the singer. That’s cool.

9. It’s fun. It’s just fucking fun to sing.

10. My child or children will grow up surrounded by music and music makes us all a little more caring, more intelligent, and more aware. I can’t think of a greater gift for my daughter and the rest than offering her and them these three  qualities and I can’t think of a better way to do it than through music.

~ by HeatherArtLife on December 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “most beautiful top ten: singing”

  1. super nice, i envy people who sing and much more those who can really sing. something i have allways wanted to learn. where can i listen to your music so i can also hear your voice (do love singers:-)

  2. o.k. 🙂 no need. found my way… beautiful, if i am allowd to say. i would not think it was you on the photo and the voice streamning out the speakers.
    enjoyed the music very much…

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