the most beautiful thing: doubles

I have a friend at work who has this wicked-good psychic streak. We bond over it often. A while back, she noted that whenever there is an odd pause in a moment or conversation, she looks at the clock and the numbers will all be the same. 2:22 is her favorite because 22 is her favorite number. Not just her favorite, but an oft-occurring double-digit all around her, and us. Watch for it, and you’ll see it – promise!

1111The funny-beautiful thing is that a few weeks ago, long after first being introduced to this idea of the number-sync on the clock at odd moments, I suddenly began seeing it everywhere. I’d pick up my phone at 5:55 to head out of the office. I’d remember a loved one and glance up to see 11:11 on my computer clock. I’d pull into the driveway of an appointment, pause and see  3:33 on the dashboard. Suddenly, it’s everywhere.

I’ve been loving it, but also wondering what suddenly changed. I have a couple of ideas I’ll leave to myself, but will also leave you with the reminder to check the clock the next time there is a weird lull in the room or an unexpected memory pops up, or you just simply take a deep breath. Maybe you’ll start seeing this little synchronicity around you, too. It’s a small beauty, this one, but for me, it’s like a little piece of stardust hits me every time.

Addendum: I just Googled 11:11 after my friend Kimi told me about some theories behind the spiritual significance behind seeing these numbers. Here are a few links I found that I haven’t dived into yet, but wanted to pass along:

~ by HeatherArtLife on December 1, 2008.

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