the most beautiful thing: susan smiles

So many of us were touched, moved, and guided by Susan. I for one will miss her insightful eyes and mind so very much… it is hard to contain. Susan saw things in us that we could barely see ourselves because we were swimming in them.


Photo by Brian Spielmann

The first time I met Susan, it was like being smacked by a loving, rainbow colored lightning bolt that really couldn’t care less about my neurosis. She was so alive and so helpful. I was getting ready to visit her when I got the news last weekend… and wish I had not waited so long.

So precious and impermanent, this life. Let’s not wait too long for anything… a powerful message from Susan to me from years ago and now. A message for us all…


Thank you Susan, for showing me and us so many things we needed to see. May your transition be of the peace and love that you gave us with your skillful skillful means. I love you and will miss you.

~ Heather


Visit elephant journal online to read more about Susan’s life and passing.

~ by HeatherArtLife on November 27, 2008.

One Response to “the most beautiful thing: susan smiles”

  1. Photo above lent to by permission of Brian Spielmann, whom I’m sure would be honored to have it on your site, Heather, as well.

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