tmbt: hot springs pervasive

It was beautiful, that black black night sky from the near-middle-of-nowhere, the steam hovering head-level above the water. A last-minute getaway to Colorado high-country with a few small hopes (not necessarily in this order): 1. Get away from my computer and constant reminders of things undone and beaconing, 2. spend some valuable face time with my dear friend, Una, 3. soak my weary post-gig, post-web launch, post-pre-post-who-the-hell-knows-heartbroken bones in some hot-ass mineral water, and 4. just have a real weekend I would remember instead of forgetting, lost to the usual mayhem of work-meets-sleeping-in-meets-anxiety-meets-more-work. 

Mission accomplished. Beautiful.

~ by HeatherArtLife on November 24, 2008.

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