tmbt: a tale of three moons

The most beautiful thing to land on my face lately is the moon. Light dropping down from my skylight two nights ago, landed softly on my pillow where the head of the one I love would have been were he not so far away.

moonriseJust one month ago, it was a different swelling, then swollen moon, who brought another bright beaming moment into my room and onto my face. She was the instigator of it all.

And then again, two moons ago it was the harvest and a big, luscious luna de linda was looming on the horizon, then covering our crops with magic. I thought it was done, the looking.

Perhaps the pattern has always been here, love swelling to full with the moon, then ebbing with the tide as she slips silently towards shadow, her dark side bringing reflection and slumber. Perhaps it was always there, but these days it is so clear as to be new. It is clear as the moonlight, shimmering sweet above and beautiful.

~ by HeatherArtLife on November 15, 2008.

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