the most beautiful thing: sleeping

The most beautiful thing about today was the sleeping. In my dreams, I found my lost sunglasses, reunited with a long-lost art I loved, and I think I even did a few back-flips. The dream was marked by ambition and joy, feminine wiles, and some sort of brightly-colored outfit. I think my hair was even in a ponytail, long and blonde like is has not been in over a year.

This sleep came to me like a gift after eyes puffy with the wanting of what may be but is not now. This sleep came as respite on the journey through and beyond this big, swollen heart. This sleep came like a little kiss from the angels and held no meaning for the present circumstances (except those lost sunglasses, of course). The sleep revealed itself even more beautiful when I opened my eyes to find the alternative – the same swollen eyes and heart, bursting anew with that wanting of what may be but is not now.


~ by HeatherArtLife on November 10, 2008.

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