the most beautiful favorite things #4

Every month, I send out a newsletter that is part music news, part blog. The Most Beautiful Thing Newsletter features freebies of music and among other features, this list of some of my current most beautiful favorite things. Here’s the list for November:


  • warm toast :: heaven knows gluten is not my BFF, but who can forgo the crispy warm goodness of toast on a cool autumn morning? yum and yum 
  • poetrical musings :: an old, good friend of mine has been churning out beautiful thoughts, poetry, and music recs on his great growing blog
  • obamarama :: for the first time, i’m in love with my country and president, proud to be an American, and ready to work hard to make this place great
  • adele :: i’ve been getting all pop-lovin’ lately, and this girl is a crooner i can get into over and over again – a warm voice and lovelorn lyrics melt me
  • down jacket :: after many a chill-filled winter, I’ve finally opted for a lovely, creamy white down coat that makes me feel toasty in the coldest weather 
  • skype :: believe the hype, skype is where it is at and my recent long nights with dear ones alt-hemisphere have made the world smaller and joy bigger
  • boulder pd :: i’ve gotten warnings instead of tickets, and we all got a party instead of arrested on nov 4 as we closed down Broadway – thanks guys
  • bag the haiku :: i adore my new enviro-friendly messenger bag from haiku cuz it is cute, highly functional and incredibly comfortable on the shoulders
  • seven jeans :: after my little summer slim-down, i find myself much more interested in jeans and these are some of the hottest and best-fitting
  • jamie cullum lyrics :: “… oh god, can you tell us when it’s going to stop… tumbling towards unclear destinations… ” a portent, that one mr. cullum
  • venus sparkling :: she’s a real beauty and has been sitting just above the flatirons waiting to merge with jupiter and la luna later in this month

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~ by HeatherArtLife on November 10, 2008.

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