tmbt: unbreakable love

This love swimming to meet us, digging in and digging us out… it is unbreakable. You show your saltwater remorse like a fallen angel while the flower blooms with your watering. It is a duality we both hold and which holdangelwingss us, these truths of regret and confidence overlapping effortlessly.  I thought you dropped this love and felt the core of me shatter into pieces no horses or men could ever put back together again. Years later, I am brought to realize that the winged ones swooped down just in time to swipe the crystalline orb from it’s doom, to safekeep for the years between there and here, to place back into our hands when we were strong enough to hold it. They suggest non-too-subtly that the time has come.

I am no magician. I am no prophet. I do not know how far this protected orb will carry us. I do know that in the years of longing and unknown waiting, our gravity changed, our web of knowing spun deeper, and our skin toughened to the branches in forest, under sky, around moon. The pull and the web are both allies now as we stretch the distance to hold all we have ever wanted. You cannot plan something as real as this. And reality seldom allows something as magical as this to grace the human lives who have walked away from it before. The song sings again. The knock comes again. The unbreakable revels itself again. And we are torn… torn anew, a flesh free from forgetting if crying out from the stretching.

Image by Geisha.

~ by HeatherArtLife on November 2, 2008.

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  1. Beautiful.

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