tmbt: soft corporate heart

I am an artist and a singer, but also a busy business-woman working for an admirable but corporate org where I hold a large list of management and creative responsibilites. The artist and singer in me is an expression of my passion – a deep and intense passion. This intensity doesn’t always translate easily in the day-to-day corporate world and for me, can mean regular visits to white-hot stressville.

Today, I remembered in the face of a nearly-overpowering tasks and discussions load to say thank you to a team member right there in the thick of it with me. As I was writing the email, I noticed my heart soften around the stress and my sigh turned from that our of a pierced jaw to that dropping from a more relaxed chest. Gratitude. Definitely a most beautiful things about my day today. I don’t always remember to stop and say thank you in a meaningful way. Doing that more often could add a little extra beauty to my day… and to others’.

~ by HeatherArtLife on October 25, 2008.

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