tmbt: silver chain

The most beautiful thing I saw today was a sweet silver chain brought to me by a friend who just returned from Morocco. He brought it to me from a mutual friend we have there with whom I have a dear heart connection, Abdullahed. Abdu is a kind and gentle man who teaches middle school phys ed and loves swimming in the ocean. I first met Abdu while on vacation in Morocco a couple of years ago with the friend who brought the gift. Abdu was a total gentleman, funny, and caring and he went out of his way to make me feel welcome and safe in the small Mediterranean beach town we were staying in. “My queen,” he would begin many sentences or, “Dear Heather,” and would not hesitate to refer to the male friend I was traveling with as a “donkey” when he wasn’t taking much care to host me. It was really quite sweet.

I developed such a fraternal fondness for Abdu that my heart still aches a little with the missing, as if I’d found a long-lost member of my family that I now may never see again since another trip to Morocco is not the most likely of future events. On the few occasions when I have spoken with him over the phone, my eyes have welled up with tears because the missing is so real and pure, and completely devoid of sexual influence. In those moments, I often get the distinct impression that his eyes are watery, too.

His thoughtfulness and big heart just bridged the gap with his gift of this simple silver chain flown back to me with the man who took me there in the first place. How kind. How beautiful. The chain and the gesture sparkles with so much joy and light.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 29, 2008.

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