tmbt: new song “sometimes”

There’s been a new song rolling around my head for a couple of weeks. It started with the stunning eyes of a friend and ended with the stunning skies of an ending. It is so fulfilling to find the last verse, always. The first comes on like a sip of warm wine, the second, a rich ristretto espresso, and the third… sometimes it’s like kambucha tea – strong, healthy, fermented, and so good for the digestion. It’s the last verse that brings it all together – drives home the deep, everyday sadness wafting around the previous lyrics, or brings the sun up a little earlier the next morning. The best last verses, they do both. I can’t say that I succeeded here, but I like the way this one ended.

Sometimes (working title) (c) 2008 Heather Marie Philipp


Clear skies, clear skies
Not a cloud, not a whisper of rain
Clear skies, clear skies
So I can see forever, forever in a day
Clear skies, clear skies
The last time I ever touched your face
Clear skies, clear skies
Close the door and leave every fall from grace… behind

If you’d like to hear the whole song, it’s available on my Fans Only page at If you are not on my list and have the password, just sign up via the right nav link on the homepage and you’ll have it momentarily. I have several free features, including a free song download, more songs-in-progress listening options, and more.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 23, 2008.

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