tmbt: dodged bullet

This thing, it came on fast and furious like the open water of spring. Water. It came on fast and furious and threw me up into the air. I kept stepping as if still on the sidewalk… seeing them all, smiling in the gracious way that knows a secret about the thing that is wet. I kept stepping. I kept stepping and the current unlaced my pretty shoes. The current unzipped my new dress. The current poured another glass of wine and winked devilishly. I winked back. I winked and stepped, but the teeter turned to totter and the gun faced me square in the face. This thing, it came on like a rush of blood to the head. It was a rush of blood to the head. It was a threat of blow to the head. Leave the heart out of this. It was a rush of… I said leave the heart alone. It was a rush of… It was a loaded gun. It was a current making eddies out of my good intentions, staining the satin on my soles, slipping me out of it all fully-clothed. It was a rush of water, blood, water, and it kissed we square on the mouth before I was ready. Before I was ready, the waters came and untied the very soul of me. For a moment. Just a moment. A loaded gun. A sidewalk slipped away. Fast and furious, an undoing waiting to happen. An undoing upon me. A self-selecting undoing. A loaded gun. A rush of blood. A kiss upon kisses, fasteners lost under it, under it, off of the sidewalk, into the water then sent back to land. Sent back. Set back. Set back onto the sidewalk. Wobbly wobbly. Blood falling. Totter back to teeter and new shoes never to be soaked in the same way. Same wine, different eyes. Same street, no gun. Bullet fired. No gun. No more pretty head for gun of you, for smile of you, for thoughts of you that cloud all of the other faces. No gun. No more gun.

And they all sang together, “Well, you dodged a bullet with that one!” 

Did I?

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “tmbt: dodged bullet”

  1. Interesting. If you did not dodge a bullet what would be the alternative? Missing out on something great, or did I just misinterpret your idea?

  2. Nice job reading between the lines, Freshie!

  3. It definitely took a lot of effort. 😛

  4. I posted this on my own page in response and realized you wouldn’t get a notice, or do you?

    “Hahahah. I guess I am the guy other side of the bullet. I don’t really agree because I do not believe in destiny. I believe every event does have a purpose, but I believe we have the power to create our own fate/destiny. Never say never. Reality is perception.”

  5. “What you done here is put yourself between a bullet and target; and it won’t be long before you’re pulling yourself away.” CITIZEN COPE:Bullet and a Target

    wise eyes. wise heart. wise you.

  6. I’m raelly new to the whole blogging thing, especially, so I haven’t had time to read alot of other peoples work due to trying to get mine on, however, yours caught my attention. You seem like a very talented writer and I look forward to reading more. I too have dodged a bullet… actually I’ve had enough second chances that I’ve probably dodged an entire firing squad. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading and if you get time, check out what I’ve posted. You will probably like it.

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