the most beautiful thing: sore

One of the most beautiful things about my day today is really a reflection of the most beautiful thing about my yesterday: yoga! After a long hiatus, I’m returning to my beloved regular yoga practice with the help of some private instruction by my old friend and yoga teacher, Katherine Kaufman. After exactly eighteen months of physical therapy post-accident (major, auto) I’m getting back on the mat! Yesterday, Katherine and I spent nearly three hours exploring my path verbally, physically, and spiritually. We worked a lot on the floor within the realm of Feldenkreis, moved to nearly 45 minutes on downward dog – kneeling, standing at the wall, down on all fours, you name it, then on to standing poses and beyond. Our goal: prepare my mind and body for my new experience of yoga. New because of all my body, mind, and spirit has traversed this last year and a half, and because of the new eyes it has all given me… not to mention the new helpers in my life which I will not name here (hint: six letter word, starts with “A”, ends with “S”). 

This morning, there was a whole new life buzzing in my shoulders and core… a sweet sweet soreness that comes of working hard and right in and out of the asanas. Yum! From deltoids to psoas, I am sore! Yes! It’s such a beautiful thing!

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 22, 2008.

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